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Darwin TIVAN® Processing Facility

TNG Limited is committing extensive resources to the development of the proposed Darwin TIVAN® Processing Facility (DPF), to be located at 658 Channel Island Road, Wickam.

As part of the approvals process for the DPF, TNG is currently preparing a Socio-Economic Impact Assessment as part of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

For details on the proposed DPF, please click here.

To support the development of the EIS, the Company welcomes your feedback on:

  • any concerns you may have about social and environmental issues relating to the proposed DPF
  • how you would like to be kept informed or provide input to future stages of the EIS process
  • any other matter you consider to be important in connection with this proposed development

Your responses will help us to identify which social and environmental issues require further investigation as we prepare the EIS.

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