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TNG enjoys excellent community relations with Indigenous communities and Land Councils in the Northern Territory. Generally, before the commencement of exploration work, the Company ensures Indigenous Land Use Agreements are negotiated and consultations with Land Councils take place, or alternatively, an appropriate clearance certificate has been obtained.

TNG sees the maintenance and respect of such relationships as vital to the Company’s long-term progress and success.

Native Title

The Native Title Act 1993 recognises and protects the rights and interests in Australia of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, over land and water, according to their traditional laws and customs.

Approximately 45% of the Northern Territory is potentially subject to native title. Application for exploration, or other mineral tenure, on pastoral land must consider the implications of the Native Title Act during the application process.

TNG follows procedures and guidelines for all application scenarios including: expedited process, right-to-negotiate and Indigenous Land Use Agreement processes. The Company generally follows the path of signing Indigenous Land Use Agreements with the various native title parties before commencing exploration work over the Exploration Licences.

Meetings with Land Councils are often held in remote communities that are affected by TNG’s proposals. Topics for discussion include: the extent and exact nature of the exploration proposal, target commodities, local custom observance, compensation and planned itinerary.

“TNG’s commitment to community consultation and constructive negotiations account for the Company’s excellent relations with Indigenous communities and Native Title holders.”

The various Land Councils in the Northern Territory hold TNG in high regard for its commitment to constructive community consultation.

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Young Indigenous Art & Literacy Awards

TNG Ltd has been a supporter of the Young Indigenous Art & Literacy awards at schools in Yuenduma, Yuelamu and Nturiya in the Northern Territory since 2014.

The schools are visited by some of Australia’s leading authors and artists who set up Art & Literacy workshops where both pupils and teachers are tutored and mentored in the finer skills and techniques of creativity and short story writing.

As a part of this Indigenous kids are shown advanced methods such as air brushing to create graphic pictures and paintings about their Dreaming, and then to write a short story to describe the meaning of their depiction. The Indigenous kids in particular revel in the program and enjoy the challenge when their artworks are then presented as an illustrated story of their own creation.

The authors spend time reading from books often best sellers created by themselves so that they are able to explain the creative process as they progress. They then take the classes through the book development stages and show how illustrations are used to make reading more interesting especially for children. After each of the workshops it is not unusual for school libraries to experience the busiest days ever, and to assist their reading enthusiasm, we take a range of up to 200 new relevant books to each of the schools we visit with the program.

TNG Receives Approval For Landmark Native Title Mining Agreement For Mount Peake Vanadium-Titanium-Iron Mine, NT

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